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KFWSES consists of a 14-member society in the field of water resources and the environment.
The reason why KFWSES made significant progress is mainly because of the efforts put forth by each of the organizations’ members of the society in the field of water resources and the environment that has been active throughout Korea.

Another possible reason why KFWSES has been able to grow in terms of both quantity and quality is because of the role of K-water, which generously provides financial support and has a keen interest in technical development.

As the world has entered the 21st century, a majority of the world’s rivers, which have kept national treasures and the origin of human civilization, have turned into boundaries of dispute and as nations are desperate to obtain and manage water resources for both consumption and hydropower generation.

Many historical researchers have predicted that the 21st century will be period in history in which nations will clash over water disputes and issues, much like the oil disputes that dominated the 20th century.

Currently, there are tensions and conflicts caused by floods, contaminated water, and shortages of water. Nations within the Middle-East and Africa are typical examples of such countries that are struggling due to limited access to water resources.

KFWSES will deal with these water problems and find solutions to the problems caused by flood disasters and the shortage of water, which have become major global issues, as well as to cooperate with national organizations such as the UN which are related to water.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in KFWSES